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The Big Data and Hadoop training course from Hadoop Big Data Online Training is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills to become a successful Hadoop developer. In-depth knowledge of core concepts will be covered in the course along with implementation on varied industry use-cases.


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Mon-Wed (3 Days)
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Course Details

Hadoop Training in Pune

Hadoop is another name for processing and storing large data sets in a proper computing environment, from where multiple data can be checked and used in one go. This open source, java based programming framework is a part of Apache project which is sponsored by Apache Software Foundation.


Individuals who want to pursue this course should have a basic knowledge of Java and SQL. Also Hadoop is developed in such a way that it also helps students of non Java background. To help those categories out, Pig and Hive is developed for the sole purpose. However many course programs; online classes and classroom classes includes Java with Hadoop teaching module.


Individuals from certain professions like mainframe developers, application developers and testers, fresher’s from the computer language background, architects, business developers; all can get immense benefit by learning this course. There are many options available in Pune owing to its latest increase in IT hubs.


Online training benefits every category of professionals to learn this computer language. The online training classrooms are well equipped with experienced teachers, who conducts live classes to help the aspiring students. Also, the course material is distributed in PowerPoint or pdf forms covering each and every topic of the course. The students are well prepared there to come in terms with real life projects. Assistance is provided 24x7 and any confusion regarding the topic can be instantly solved.


The course is designed keeping in mind the practical application and at the same time enabling the students to have detail knowledge on the subject. The syllabus is thus made with all the minute features in context to Hadoop. Below enlisted are the features of this course.

  • Hadoop fundamentals.
  • Hadoop Java API.
  • Fundamentals of working with Pig Latin.
  • Advanced knowledge on working with Pig Latin.
  • Hive Fundamentals.
  • Hive Advanced.
  • Hadoop on Amazon cloud.
  • HBase and Zookeeper.
  • Sqoop.
  • Flume.
  • Oozie and Hue.
  • Mongo DB.
  • Yarn Architecture.
  • Basics of Java for Hadoop.
  • Hadoop ecosystem and Big Data.

These are the basic inclusions in a Hadoop course and almost all the online portals provide the students with materials related to this course structure. However, there are multiple websites offering online courses and hence choosing the right online training center is the necessary thing.


The duration of classes vary in different institutes. Basically the classes are of 150 hours, where the entire syllabus is covered. The students are very well prepared for the certification and different monitoring exams and mock interviews are conducted for the future endeavors. Also, the students are given the chance on working with real life projects under the proper guidance of the team of faculties.


The online tutorials are available in various websites which can help in brushing up the concept more correctly. With the help of the tutorials, Hadoop can be tried at home. You just need to have the software downloaded and in working condition.


At the end of the course, the individual gets a Hadoop certification. This can be later used in different professions or even for getting admission to the nest version of the certification courses.

Rs. 14,000 + Tax

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